What is a lip flip?

What is a lip flip?

Sunday, July 25th 2021

Lip flip is a hot (but not new) procedure seen all over the social media. What is it and how does the lip actually flip, you may ask? Well, here is everything you need to know about it.

Lip flip is performed using an injectable neurotoxin like Botox or Xeomin, right along the vermilion border (that is the border of the lip). The injection relaxes the muscle, called orbicularis oris and turns the lip up giving a look of a fuller lip.

The results take about a week to be seen and typically last 2-3 months. Once the effect of the neurotoxin wears off the lip returns to its baseline position without any effect on the skin. The injections along the upper and lower lip border will also help with "smoker lines" which are the wrinkles that form perpendicular to the lip.

The downside of the injections happens when the lips are too relaxed by the neurotoxin, which prevents the person from puckering up the lips, drink through a straw, smoke a cigarette and might even affect pronunciation of certain sounds, "P" and "S" specifically.

The lip flip can be combined with filler injections on the same day and may provide a better correction for very thin lips. Those who are pregnant, nursing or have certain neurological conditions should avoid getting neurotoxin injections. The procedure is very quick with little discomfort.

The lip flip procedure is offered at High Point Medspa and you can book your Free In-person Consultation through our online booking system.

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