My life in times of quarantine.

My life in times of quarantine.

Saturday, June 5th 2021

How have you been doing?

I have been experiencing such emotions as anxiety, sadness, and apathy during this quarantine life of ours. My three children are at home. Two of them are doing distance learning and my little one just follows me around. All day I hear, “Mom, mom, mommy, mama, ma, mom.” On and on, so much so that I tune it out, but then my children get upset with me because I am ignoring whatever important thing they are saying. It definitely feels overwhelming, but to feel otherwise would be a state of inner peace that I don’t think I will ever reach. I had to hide in a bathroom for a few minutes once, because I needed a moment of quiet.

“It definitely feels overwhelming…”

It is a strange present that we are living in, there is a world pandemic where so many lives are lost, but at the same time I am dealing with mundane things like what to make for dinner. I am worried about my husband who is on the front lines as an ICU physician, dealing with COVID-19 patients, and I am running around making sure that I printed all the materials for my children’s home school that day. That swing in emotions and habits is huge and it definitely affected me.

“I discovered TikTok.”

I found that if I keep myself busy and turn off the news then my state of mind gets better. I discovered TikTok. It is so much fun and there are so many other moms who are in the same shoes as me, trying to deal with daily stress. We make funny memes about our children, drinking wine, and joys of parenthood. I highly recommend it for lifting your spirits. I’ve rearranged furniture in my children’s rooms, I’ve been baking, and cooking. I forced my apathy away by getting back to writing. I’ve been cranking out words for my blog and website, it has charged me with positive energy and hopeful outlook for the future. Now my whole family has bicycles and we have been riding around the block weather permitting.

“…it has charged me with positive energy and

hopeful outlook for the future.”

I talk about my feelings with my husband, we share a glass of wine, and hug each other. Our feelings of frustrations are heightened right now. Make sure you are kind to one another. Simple physical intimacy, such as holding hands, and a tight hug can go a long way.

“Make sure you are kind to one another.”

I recognize that I am not in the worst position during this pandemic. I appreciate the comforts of modern living my family has. I recognize that each one of us carries an inner world the outside might now be aware of. I also know that we all need hope and I chose to believe that there is always hope. I am sending you hugs and positive energy. I hope you will have a better today than yesterday.

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