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Blue and Red LED Light for Skin Health at High Point Medspa

Wednesday, October 20th 2021

What is LED treatment?

LED stands for light emitting diode. LED produces visible light such as red, blue, orange and green. LED produces a directional light which shines in a specific direction unlike incandescent which send light and heat in all directions, it is efficient and long lasting. LED was also studied by NASA for plant growth in deep space. LEDs have a long history of use in medicine for its benefits in tissue recover.

What LED light is used for skin conditions?

Red and Blue lights are commonly used for treatment of multiple skin conditions from acne to precancerous cells.

How Does Red LED work and why is it used?

Red LED has the deepest tissue penetration. It increases collagen production, improves fine lines and tissue recovery post procedure and improves healing. At High Point Medspa, Red light will be used post chemical peels, filler injections and mesotherapy to improve cosmetic results and decrease swelling and redness that may occur after procedures. Red light will also be used for Rosacea treatment in combination with ZO sulfur mask. The treatment doesn't hurt, burn or has any downtime. LED treatment takes anywhere from 15-30 min.

How Does Blue LED work and why is it used?

Blue LED has more of a superficial tissue penetration and is used for acne treatment. The reason it works for inflammatory acne with red bumps and cysts is because the bacteria P. Acnes absorbs blue light which interferes with bacteria's functions eventually destroying it. The treatment is painless with no downtime. It is safe in pregnancy and with nursing. Blue light can be also combined with prescription medications or used on its own when medications are contraindicated. Several sessions are needed to reach an optimal result preferably twice a week for 6-10 weeks and can be repeated whenever acne returns.

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